Our Story

Where we started, how things are going and our plans for the future.

The Past

The Past

How it all began, our first bat rescue

2017 – Moses

This rescue inspired us to dedicate ourselves to learning and expanding our knowledge on bats and local wildlife with the goal of opening a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre on Mahe Seychelles.

Protect Paradise (Seychelles) has humble beginnings after realizing there was little help or rehabilitation facilities for orphaned Flying Foxes and other endemic wildlife in Seychelles.

More of Moses

we found an orphaned Seychelles Flying Fox pup, drowning in a river. We discovered there was nowhere to take him to get help. We connected with Bat Rescue Centres around the world and through there guidance and support we raised a healthy pup.

So, here’s to Moses the one who started this journey and taught us all we know about rescuing orphaned pups.

Now any Flying Fox, injured or orphaned has a safe place to come to for specialized care and rehabilitation. After receiving countless phone calls for advice and help with injured wildlife we realized there was a need for this type of wildlife service in Seychelles.

The Present

The Present


Currently we are based at home, our facilities include a nursery for orphaned bat pups, creche cages for their next stage and a large flight aviary for their preparation for release. We have a quarantine turtle tank, an observation tank and a large 10 000l rehabilitation tank for our turtle patients. We pump fresh sea water from nearby. For our bird patients we have a large enclosure with a freshwater pool. All our animals in care are fed a species appropriate diet. We make the effort to source locally, wild, and natural produce when available. All our enclosures offer enrichment, privacy, shade, peace and quiet.


Seychelles flying fox rehab in nature

The Future

The Future

We have secured a 2-acre plot in the nearby vicinity which will serve as our all-inclusive centre. This will include a state-of-the-art wildlife veterinary clinic, offices, various species appropriate enclosures and tanks for our patient’s needing rehabilitation, visitors centre with souvenir shop, and an educational centre. We will allow for ethical and educational guided visitations.