Dave and Connie Pinson

Flying Fox Expert and Advisors

Owners – Daintree Life www.daintreelife.com.au, conservationists and wildlife carers.

Dave was born in the UK where he developed an early life-long fascination with the natural world, before moving to Australia and furthering a deep interest in conservation. Dave’s background and skills include surveying, mapping, environmental compliance, liaising and planning, website design, and rainforest revegetation. Dave is a wildlife carer specializing in bats and is the author of The Flying-fox Manual (a handbook for carers) – available at the link below. www.ffmv3.com.au

Connie was born and bred in rural NSW, where in adult life she rapidly developed a love of wildlife and a solid appreciation of conservation principles and values. Connie’s professional background and skills include office administration, fundraising, successful grant application writing, wildlife rehabilitation, and several times a year is invited to present flying-fox wildlife rehabilitation courses and workshops in multiple states within Australia.

We are both keen photographers, revegetation volunteer, and promotes the unique Daintree area via social media.