Marine Life Protectors

Marine Education & Marine Life Conservation

Marine Life Protectors is a small independent marine conservation and education initiative from Germany, founded in 2018. We are three team members, two from Kenya and one from Germany.

Marine-related awareness work is one of our main objectives, transporting relevant information about marine biology, marine-related sciences, marine biodiversity and Eco habitat loss, threats to coral reefs, the consequences of global climate change, and the numerous tasks of sea turtle conservation and sea turtle rescue work to the public. We also report about coral restoration projects on our page and actively supported some in the past.

We are running a website and a Facebook page. Our partner organizations are the Olive Ridley Project (UK, Pakistan, Maldives, Kenya, Oman, Seychelles), the Conservation Education Society (Kenya) and Protect Paradise Seychelles. The tropical western Indian Ocean between East Africa and the Maldives and its marine biodiversity is our main key area.