Nils Bouillard, MSc

Scientific Advisor

Red List Authority Coordinator – European Bats & Managing Director at Barbastella Echology

Nils has been working with bats for almost ten years, on every continent. He’s a bat ecology consultant specializing in bat acoustics.
His passion led him to travel all around the world to find bats in 2019 in an endeavor he called the ‘Big Bat Year’ which will become a published book.

His experience and expertise in bat conservation has led him to contribute to the IUCN Red List and be offered to join the IUCN SSC Bat Specialist Group. Part of his bat sound analysis work, started in 2015, was done professionally for an ecological consultancy, working on wind farms. Barbastella Echology was an opportunity for him to combine the aspects of bat research he loves the most, acoustics, technology, training and outreach.