Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance

Rescuing Sea Turtles Around the World

Registered charity in England and Wales, registration number: 1197327

“To Connect and Empower the Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Community with the Latest Tools to Improve the Care and Welfare of Injured Sea Turtles Around the World.”

In the worldwide effort to rescue injured sea turtles, there is a wide diversity of knowledge, experience and data being collected and utilized by passionate sea turtle veterinarians and conservationists every day. However, this valuable information is often not accessible between centres or regions, when access to that information might be the key to saving or improving the life of the sea turtle patient.

The Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance (STRA) recognizes that the best way to protect sea turtles globally is for all those dedicated to sea turtle conservation can learn from the work of more experienced rescue centres elsewhere in the world. The core aim of this alliance is therefore to facilitate the collaboration of sea turtle rescue centres worldwide, so that centres can empower each other with the very best tools available for treating sea turtles.

STRA believes that this starts with the sharing of best practice clinical knowledge, techniques, and data to refine and improve sea turtle health at “rescue and release” facilities worldwide. We aim to improve communication, foster connectivity, and create an online platform for sharing up to date medical protocols for sea turtle medicine. It is our hope to bring together a community of passionate individual rescue centres to form a unified, well-equipped global conservation effort for these endangered, threatened, and protected species.